Thursday, August 14, 2008

Worst blogger EVER

I looked at the last date i had blogged and was embarrassed. My people need me....except no one reads this but me....oh well, I guess it's ok that I've missed almost a month. Less for me to reread.
Vacation was a blast! After the year I've had. I really needed! My oldest nephew is so funny! At 3 he has such a personality. I have taught him that his middle name is impatient. He tells everyone that's his name. I made a promise I would teach him his real name before he starts school. His brother Natertot. That's what I call him. He's just a round little boy. The happiest baby you'd ever meet. You know something is wrong if he's crying. He was sick so he didn't feel his normal happy self. We've decided to make this a yearly trip. If you only knew the dynamics that made up this family you would be surprised. Maybe someday I'll go into all of that.
My tan is fading and I must get back to work. I won't take so long to blog next time.
Until then...