Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My grandmother, whom I love dearly, at 89 years old has dementia. Yes, we as her decendants have diagnosed her. My mom and I recently went to the nursing home to visit her. I know she doesn't mean anything offensive when she says "I'm so glad you came to see me. It's been so long." To her it has been. Anyway, when we arrived she had just finished lunch and was sitting in her wheelchair out in the open area near the nurse's station. We talked for a while and she kept asking me how long it took to get there. "About 20 minutes". I don't live that far, we believe she had me confused with my deceased sister who lived in Biloxi, MS. The best was when another lady had been wheeled out there and she starts saying "I'm cold" over and over again. My mother, the good Samaritan, wanted to do her part to help so she leans over to ask the lady her name. "Huh. I can't hear you." My mother gets about 6 inches from this lady's ear and yells " DO YOU KNOW YOUR ROOM NUMBER?" Of course she didn't and she didn't hear mom. It took all I had not to fall out of my comfy chair with laughter. Mom gets a little closer "DO YOU KNOW YOUR ROOM NUMBER?" She hears this time as I believe moms lips were touching her ear lobe. Now I have to let you know this open area is like an atrium. Sound traveled far that day. I know the entire building had to hear mom yelling. Mom ends up taking this lady to her room with Momaw and I following not far behind. As I pass this poor lady's room I see mom is parking her wheelchair with her back to the door. I'm surprised she didn't just push her in from the doorway and run. That's what is looked like. I had mom park this lady where she could at least see out the door. She never heard mom again. I really feel sorry for her roomie. I would go nuts hearing "huh, can't hear you" all day.

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