Friday, June 5, 2009

The Flirt

Victim 5-the flirt

The edited version-extended director's uncut is not available at this time.

this one is a doozy and happened a long, long, ok so not that long ago.  A couple of years, give or take.  The flirt.  I met him through work and in my line of work you don’t really meet a lot of people.  It started as innocent flirtin on both parts.  I flirt well over the phone.  Since his company did business with us we’d talk from time to time.  I can’t remember how it happened but eventually we exchanged phone numbers.  I should have ran the other way when he told me he’d been married 3 times and lied about how often he saw his children.  He had 2 boys and didn’t see either one of them.  He told me he saw them once a month but we dated for like 3 months and he NEVER saw them.  That should have been what sent me away.  No I stayed.  Even when I found out his youngest child was conceived during “a weekend of fun.”  Did that scare me off?  No but it should have.  When his soon to be ex showed up at his house when I was there and they were arguing in the yard, I stuck around.  I did question how his ex knew where he lived since he had just moved there.  The story he gave did not jive but at the time I believed him.  It boiled down to the fact that I wouldn’t sleep with him.  I didn’t trust him and with good reason.  When he ended it he moved his new girlfriend in within a week.  Whew....close call.  We went about a year without talking then he emailed and asked how i was doing.  We'd talk every so often and I even went to dinner with him.  I have seen or talked to him in about 4 years.  

I'm so thankful I'm not that same girl... I look back and see that I put up with a lot of crap.  In the words of Lady Antebellum "that girl is long gone" those that know, keep it to yourself...Josh.

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