Friday, June 5, 2009

oh, what to blog about...

what to say..., it has given me this glorious headache. 
It's just one of those days where I'd rather be at the beach by the pool or digging my feet in the sand. Instead I'm at work blogging, when I should be I'm starting my weekend early.  My work is done so I'm good.
This week has been crazy free which makes for a boring week.  I hope next week will provide quite the adventure!
I know I need to post more dating stories but have held back on some due to others would know who they are...not that there is many...the well is dry.
Oh, did have a close call Tuesday night.  When leaving Firebirds I almost ran into a guy I had gone out with.  With a sharp turn I went the other way and sent my friends running to let me know when it was clear to exit and of course they wanted to check him out.  We just didn't click and since I still receive emails from him and a notice that he is following me on twitter (no, I don't use it) I felt I should let it ride...  Whew!!
Alright I'm going to do some editing and get those funny date stories to you!  

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