Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Breathe Right strip, why do you torment me?

In order to help with my snoring, thank you Deviated Septum.  I have been wearing a breathe right strip at night.  This has not worked out as well as I have wanted.  In my sleep I take them off.  I would not recommend the clear strips as they are hard to find.  Here's a list of where I have found them the next day.

1. my hair
2. stuck to the side of my face
3. stuck to my arm
4. on the outside of my purse (I keep my pocketbook by my bed like any good old lady)
5. stuck to my pillow case (hard to find)
6. inside my purse
7. stuck to the sheet

I'm sure I'll have more to add and there are still a few I haven't found.  I know a couple had to have gotten washed which means they are permanently stuck to the sheets.  Oh, well I guess I need to get my DS fixed but then what would I write about??

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