Friday, May 8, 2009

weird posts on Craigslist

I love a good story any day of the week, but if you've ever read Craigslist then you know there are some freaks out there.  When I need a good laugh or pick me up I know I can find it there.  Tonight I was taken back by the request of a single man wanting to marry a pregnant lady.  Race is not an issue for him.  He wants to be the baby daddy. I am troubled by this for several reasons.

1. will just any pregnant lady do.  What if you don't get along.  Do you just marry anyone who is pregnant.  
2. Posting an add on Craigslist for a wife.  Come on, why can't you go out into society and find someone.  According to Steve Harvey's book Act like a lady, think like a man there is freak out there for everyone.
3.  What do you tell the child when they are older.  They will figure it out.  Do you tell them "daddy" posted an add on a free site for a wife and mommy replied and well since she met all the requirements-pregnant she went for it.
4. What happens after the baby arrives?  

I am just confused.  I think I might have to reply to see if I can get the answers to my questions.

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