Wednesday, May 13, 2009

one I could have had....yet didn't

Victim 3-the weird email guy.

Now I did not meet this man but I could not go without telling it.  Again, internet dating.  Will I ever learn?  i can honestly say i have, 3 years later.  

I do get some interesting emails from the TLo seekers, however this man was 57 with 6 children and wanted more.  He was looking for an available uterus and it wasn’t going to be mine.  My friends begged me to meet him just to have a story. I refused.  He even wrote me a poem.  He called me M’Lady.  it was scary upon first reading it then creepy.  He wrote that he hoped our age difference wouldn’t keep us apart and that he’d wanted to hold me but if he couldn’t then he would dream of holding me.  I ingnored this email since I was weirded out.  I did see he kept looking at my profile.  I wrote a poem in response but I didn’t send it. I was only going to send it should he send me another email.  I wish I had saved it.  I’m going to look for a copy cause it’s good.  I called him M’Lord, M’Creepy, and several other names.  I’ve got to find a copy!  

Thanks to Susan I have a copy of the poem he wrote me and the one I wrote in response.  I did not send my poem to him, though I think I should have.  Remember when reading I have NEVER spoken to this person.  This is his first, I repeat first contact with me.  

Of all the sunsets and sunrises... Of all the beautiful flowers that
grow on this Earth...
Of all the stars that glow in the heavens and the universe... you above
all are more beautiful in my eyes. No man has seen nor beheld such a
Princess or Goddess as I behold in you.
And I have now seen such beauty, warmth, and
grace... as I have seen the depths of your beautiful
eyes. But, alas my heart may never know the honor of
holding you, feeling the warmth of your kiss, or the
tenderness of your arms. Because of our age difference...
my heart will be filled with the honor of having to just
behold your warmth and beauty within my dreams...
But will be saddened to wake in the mornings to find
you not there... Only in my dreams will we love, laugh,
and go through the adventures of life... For you M'Lady... I wish you
all the happiness, love and joy
that life has to offer, and that all your hopes,
wishes and dreams will always come true for you...
I pray that you may honor me by us becoming
friends... and in time more...
but M'Lady, my Princess, I will honor your
desires... and will respect all your wishes... But
in my heart... you will forever be...
In all I have written M'Lady... I am very sincere...
and hope for that which may not be meant to
be...that we may find Camelot together... By Your Leave M'Lady... and
with the most honor and
respect I can give...
I remain., your Servant and Knight forever should
you ever have need of me...
My poem
Of all the Moon Beams and Solar Eclipses

Of all the stars & Planets in the sky

You above all are the weirdest.

I have never beheld such a creepiness as I have since receiving your

Your eyes, wanting to see if they are dilated, if only that hat
wasn*t there, M*Wrangler

Age is only a # to some but the fact remains I could have step children
only a couple

Of years younger and be a grandmother by the time I*m 35.

In your dreams is where I*ll have to stay M*Weirdness.

May your thoughts be of good cheer and know that some where out on the

Where the deer and the antelope roam, is your M*Lady, Princess ,

For it is not I that wishes to procreate this planet with you

I will remain, far, far, far, away



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srturner2010 said...

So..... I JUST got the same message from McGregor. Quite creepy. I wrote him a poem as well and sent it to him, right before I blocked and reported him :)