Saturday, May 9, 2009

part 2-another one bites the dust

Victim 2-food blower

Ya like how I come up with the names for them?

Ok, so I’ve tried on line dating several times.  I don’t normally put myself out there so I’ve come to realize I’ve got to step out of my box in order to meet anyone.  It doesn’t always go the way I want it to.  On this one occasion I had agreed to meet this guy for lunch.  I had a sinus infection but knew if I put it off I would back out.  So here I go.  I get to the restaurant and we meet.  He’s nice.  I’ll admit I did have a hard time hearing him with my ears stopped up.  Our meals arrive and as I’m getting ready to take my first bite I hear this loud blowing noise.  I look up to find him blowing his food like he’s a 4 year old.  Come on, there’s a way to let food cool off and blowing it off the fork is not it.  I could not believe with my stopped up ears I could hear him blowing his food.  I know I didn’t give him much of a chance but that was annoying and embarrassing.  If I could hear it, the entire restaurant definitaly  hear it.  We finished our meal and he asked if I wanted to go do anything else.  I couldn’t.  Seriously, first impressions do matter.  I know  he had probably made some woman a great husband but my 4 year old nephew doesn’t even do that.

Ok so I read this again and I do realize I'm the nutcase.


Stay tuned for another one....

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